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This summer is the time to reach live sports fans with your brand! Capitalize on Amazon's 55MM+ monthly active OTT viewers that stream live sports. You won't want to miss out on reaching this highly coveted audience of sport lovers all summer long!

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Loan & Lease Termination

Mudd offers the ultimate in 360-degree campaign strategies by utilizing multiple online and offline tactics in one targeted bundle. By combining the power of audience based direct marketing with cutting edge digital tactics like Addressable OTT, and Addressable Display, Mudd provides a measurable campaign solution that reports on key metrics including Store Visits and Sales.

Credit Reconstruction Program

These all-inclusive video packages leverage multiple video platforms to ensure engagement with auto intenders, to drive awareness, and increase sales. In one convenient solution, Dealers can utilize video ads on Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube along with video production services from Mudd.

Holiday Card

Sometimes you need to go all-out and blanket the market with your message. Mudd Advertising gets that job done with our tried and true Saturation Packages.

From the Desk Of...

Target your database and follow up with a proven used car event. A complete strategy that’ll keep you in front of your market and grow your sales.

Let's Trade Keys

Increase Your Retention Rate And Gain Market Share With A Data Driven Approach To 1-to-1 Direct Marketing Strategy

Reprocessed Vehicle Sale

Partner with Mudd Advertising on your Business Elite strategy. We'll ensure you generate the commercial customer leads you need to clear your lot.

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