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Mudd Advertising is a full-service automotive agency working with dealerships for over 40 years. 


We love it when you succeed.

Mudd houses all production, research, and development teams under one roof. From original creative strategy to measured analytic outcomes, the Mudd/client partnership is an all-inclusive process designed for you to succeed.


We take the time to become fluent in your dealership. Our strategy guidance will reveal insights into your target audiences that tie back to your dealership's goals.


Creative approaches founded on data, consistent communication and collaboration alongside our clients result in longstanding dealer relationships.


Our media experts will chart your course to maximize exposure and qualified leads. Analytics and performance reporting allows our team to strategically plan and implement winning strategies.


A dedicated team that's always in your corner to translate your goals into our best work. We assign a responsive team to each account which includes a dedicated Account Manager, a Digital Strategist, and a Compliance expert.


We aim to make your sales team more effective and bring more sales. Our strategic approach to your brand will help you influence new customers, brand loyalty, repeat business, and market positioning.


Mudd offers all accounts a fully integrated dealer dashboard showing KPIs & metrics for all services provided. Custom reporting including insights and recommendations are available. Scheduled account review once per month minimum.

All production, creative and interactive is integrated into one team all under one roof. All teams work cohesively together toward one vision.

As the evolution of technology continues, the ultimate dedication which Jim Mudd Sr. has set forth as the legacy of Mudd Advertising will stay true, thrive and keep the company and their clients moving forward by… “asking for and expecting… immediate results!”

Products & Services

Direct Marketing Package

Mudd offers the ultimate in 360-degree campaign strategies by utilizing multiple online and offline tactics in one targeted bundle. By combining the power of audience based direct marketing with cutting edge digital tactics like Addressable OTT, and Addressable Display, Mudd provides a measurable campaign solution that reports on key metrics including Store Visits and Sales.

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Amazon's Summer of Sports

This summer is the time to reach live sports fans with your brand! Capitalize on Amazon's 55MM+ monthly active OTT viewers that stream live sports. You won't want to miss out on reaching this highly coveted audience of sport lovers all summer long!

Targeted Digital Video

These all-inclusive video packages leverage multiple video platforms to ensure engagement with auto intenders, to drive awareness, and increase sales. In one convenient solution, Dealers can utilize video ads on Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube along with video production services from Mudd.

Virtual Model WalkAround

VMW is an SEO optimized video webpage featuring original content for each key model. Mudd creates HD Video content for these “Virtual Tour” Pages on the dealer’s website to increase the organic value of the website and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Video Lead Responder

A custom one-to-one follow-up video may be the most powerful way to set your team apart from the competition. It's been said that people buy cars from people they like. By using a personal video your Sales Team will demonstrate that they are genuine, real and personable. Take the fear out of the visit to your dealership by being friendly and open via video.

Business Elite Strategy

Partner with Mudd Advertising on your Business Elite strategy. We'll ensure you generate the commercial customer leads you need to clear your lot.

Retention Driver

Increase Your Retention Rate And Gain Market Share With A Data Driven Approach To 1-to-1 Direct Marketing Strategy

Targeted & Saturation Combo

Target your database and follow up with a proven used car event. A complete strategy that’ll keep you in front of your market and grow your sales


Dealerships must ensure they're delivering a friction-less message that resonates with today's consumers. People demand the speed, convenience, and transparency provided by brands like Amazon. Transition away from "we're the oldest with the best prices and best inventory". Embrace a brand message tailored to what's most important to Auto Intenders.

  • Speed & ease of doing business online
  • One price & a hassle-free transaction
  • Excellent customer service & dealing with one salesperson

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