Mudd’s Facebook Used Car Takeover is a PLUG AND PLAY used car boost to your bottom line. This powerful tool ensures you quickly & efficiently takeover Facebook and drive monster used car results!

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Mudd clients averaged a 12X ROI* with Facebook

*based on modest $3k gross per deal

Takeover Facebook & Get Results. It's That Easy.

What's driving your used car sales? Is it the sound of a good deal, or is it social media domination and generating leads on Facebook? The best way to do both is by leveraging Mudd’s Facebook Used Car Takeover.


Proven Strategy

This strategy will allow you to reach more people on social media while also sending tons of new customers directly into your dealership!


Facebook Playbook

Our game plan leverages Facebook’s Lead Ads, Custom Audience Ads, Used Car Automated Inventory Ads, and Social Ninja's Retargeting.


Plan, Create, & Execute

The beauty here lies within the numbers; with just 4-5 days running these four tactics together you can expect 2-4 hundred thousand impressions that will dominate Facebook for potential customers who are looking at buying a vehicle from one of many dealerships in your market.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

We cross reference the audience that was served ads with your sold file to track “units sold”. All the other relevant KPIs will be tracked back then presented post-campaign to inform and push forward how best make progress together - just like partners should do! If you're looking to drive use car sales. This is a phenomenal solution for you.

Used Focused Ads

  • ~60,000 to 64,000 impressions
  • ~50 Leads
  • ~800 to 850 Clicks

Organic Post and Boost

  • Reiterate Message to FB Followers
  • Expand Reach With Boost
  • 20-50 Comments / Messages

Capture Leads

  • ~70,000 to 75,000 impressions
  • ~25 to 45 estimated leads

Drive Users To Used Inventory

  • ~75,000 to 85,000 impressions
  • ~313 Landing Page Views
  • ~561 Link Clicks

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