Digital Packages

Virtual Model WalkAround

VMW is an SEO optimized video webpage featuring original content for each key model. Mudd creates HD Video content for these “Virtual Tour” Pages on the dealer’s website to increase the organic value of the website and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

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Dealerships must ensure they're delivering a friction-less message that resonates with today's consumers. People demand the speed, convenience, and transparency provided by brands like Amazon. Transition away from "we're the oldest with the best prices and best inventory". Embrace a brand message tailored to what's most important to Auto Intenders.

  • Speed & ease of doing business online
  • One price & a hassle-free transaction
  • Excellent customer service & dealing with one salesperson

Video Lead Responder

A custom one-to-one follow-up video may be the most powerful way to set your team apart from the competition. It's been said that people buy cars from people they like. By using a personal video your Sales Team will demonstrate that they are genuine, real and personable. Take the fear out of the visit to your dealership by being friendly and open via video.

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